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Q&A Session with Megan Sherwin, Competitive Swimmer

CP-NET Community Profile

At what age did you become involved in sports?

I started to become involved in sports at the age of 6. I played soccer and hockey first. Then at age 9 I started swimming competitively at Variety Village.

... and how did you become involved in swimming?

I found hockey hard to play because you need two hands to hold the stick and shoot the puck. My Dad cut a hole in my glove so I could hold onto the stick better but it didn't really work that well. I was taking swimming lessons at Variety Village and the coach of the Flames Swim Team asked my mom if I wanted join the swim team and I've never looked back.

Sports have helped me become stronger physically, more confident and I've met some of my best friends.

How have sports helped you in your life?

Sports have helped me become stronger physically, more confident and I've met some of my best friends. Sports also helped me figure out where I was going to go to high school which turned out to be Birchmount for the BEAP athletic program, which I love. Maybe sports will help me figure out what I want do after high school.

Was there much encouragement to participate or excel in sports?

My Dad said that even though I had a disability I still had to play a sport. Fortunately I love to play sports so it wasn't too much to ask. When I got into swimming there was lots of encouragement to keep on swimming and do my best. Early on in swimming I won the Pizza Nova Rising Stars Award and the next year I made Provincial times and got to travel with the team to places like Nepean and Brantford. Then I made CAN-AM times and started to travel to places like Montreal, Edmonton, and Miami for training camps and CAN-AM meets. So there was lots of recognition and incentives to keep on going and see how far I could go.

What advice would you want to pass on to other youth with cerebral palsy?

I would tell other youth with CP to just go out and try different things until you find something you love to do. Start early. Don't leave it too long because you don't want to miss out on opportunities.

What next? What are your future aspirations?

In my future I hope to represent Team Canada in the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

Video courtesy of Birchmount Exceptional Athlete Program (BEAP)