Gross Motor Ability Estimator (GMAE-2) Scoring Software for the GMFM

The GMAE-2 is available for download but is incompatible with newer computer operating systems.

The GMAE-2 is a software package for scoring the Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM). Like the original, it provides an interval-level measure of gross motor function based on a child's score on the items of the GMFM. Because the GMAE was calibrated on a sample of children with Cerebral Palsy, it is valid only for this population and should not be used with other populations of children (Down Syndrome, acquired brain injury, etc.).

The most accurate version of the GMFM-66 scoring program is the GMAE-3 and is available from the CanChild shop on the GMFM App+.

We strongly encourage you to purchase the User's Manual when using the GMFM. This manual contains important information on administering, scoring and interpreting the results of the GMFM. In addition, the manual provides information on the development and testing of the GMFM.

GMAE-2 Features:

  • The ability to import data from the original GMAE program & export data into CSV files.
  • Updated user tutorial
  • The ability to plot a child's GMFM-66 assessment on the Centile Curves for the child's level.
  • Score sheets are available to download.
  • Ability to enter and calculate scores for the GMFM-88, GMFM-66, GMFM-66-IS and GMFM-66-B&C
  • A user friendly tutorial to walk you through the program and steps to set up therapist and client information. We recommend you print this to help guide you through.

System Requirements

  • Java version 7. Not sure if you have the required Java version installed? Click here to find out and, update if required
  • 1GB RAM
  • 30 MB Free Hard Disk Space + Additional space for data storage (recommended 100MB Free Hard Disk Space)
  • Windows XP and above, if Windows system
  • Mac OSX 10.7 and above, Intel-based Mac, if using Mac OSX
  • Unzip File utility, i.e. WinZip, to extract the files upon downloading
  • Input Device (i.e. keyboard, mouse)
  • PDF Reader, i.e. Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Screen Display, min. screen resolution 1024x768
  • Printer, if you will be printing results

Please note: We are aware that some new operating systems have had difficulty opening and running the GMAE-2 software. CanChild is in the process of fixing the issues and updating the software. If you have any specific issues, please fill in the help form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


GMAE-2 Software Licence:

I have read and understood the above agreement and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GMAE?

The GMAE, or Gross Motor Ability Estimator, is a computer programme required to score the GMFM-66. This program is on CD ROM and is provided in the Gross Motor Measures (GMFM-66 and GMFM-88) User’s manual. A simple self-teaching tutorial helps new users to become familiar with the use of the GMAE.

How long does it take to learn the GMAE?

A pilot study of 48 pediatric physical therapists, who were familiar with the GMFM88, found that 61% of these therapists were confident in their ability to interpret the item map and summary information from the GMAE computer scoring program following one hour spent reading and working through the tutorial in the program and reading the interpretation guidelines from the manual.

How long does it take to score the GMFM-66 using the GMAE?

Scoring for the GMFM-66 requires entering the item scores into the GMAE userfriendly computer programme and pushing a button and takes approximately 10 minutes. You will get the GMFM-66 score with 95% confidence intervals, item maps and summary tables.

Can I use the GMAE to get a GMFM-66 score if I have done a GMFM-88?

GMFM-88 item scores can be entered into the GMAE program. Provided that all 88 items are assessed and entered, the GMFM-88 dimension and total scores as well as the GMFM-66 score can be computed by the GMAE.

What do I do if I have an earlier version of the GMAE-2 on my computer?

Once the new version is downloaded, you must select the previous database by going to file- open database in order to continue using your previous database.

Who do we contact for support if it's needed?

If you have followed the steps outlined in the tutorial and are still experiencing difficulties, please fill out this form. Currently, there is no guaranteed support available for the GMAE-2 but we will try and respond or post responses on our FAQ page.

Are there normally upgrades for the application? If yes, how will upgrades be communicated to the users?

GMAE-2 is provided as is. We do suggest you register when you download the software so we may send you an email in the event there is an update.

Will the GMAE-2 run on a Mac? On a network?

Yes! The GMAE-2 is compatible on both a MAC and a PC but you must have the recent version of JAVA downloaded. The program can also be downloaded and used on a network.

Is it possible to store data on a network server?

Yes, it is possible to store the data file on a network server, if it is connected as a drive to your computer however only one person can access the database at a time.

How do we order the GMFM manual?

It is important to purchase the Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM-66 and GMFM-88) User's Manual before downloading the GMAE-2 program. This manual contains important information on administering, scoring and interpreting the results of the GMFM. In addition, the manual provides information on the development and testing of the GMFM. The Users' Manual can be ordered through Wiley Blackwell Publishing and will be available in October 2013. Cost information is available from the publisher.

Is an app available for the GMAE so it can run on a tablet?

Currently, we do not have an 'app' available for the GMAE.

Are there any license or use restrictions?

Yes, you cannot sell this software, or make it available for distribution. For more information, please read the license before downloading the GMAE-2.

Is there a function to audit (who inputs data, accesses data, etc.)?

No, there is no function available to audit the use of the GMAE-2 software.

Is the data encrypted?

No, the data is not encrypted. It is strongly recommended that the end-user take all precautions possible to ensure confidentiality of data, i.e. use encrypted USB flash drives, secure access to computer on which GMAE-2 is installed

Can I load data from the original GMAE into the GMAE-2?

Yes, the GMAE-2 has the ability to upload data from the original GMAE program. For more information on how to transfer data, please visit the tutorial.

Is there a cost associated with purchasing this software?

The GMAE 1 version is no longer under any development or support plans. The GMAE 2 is openly available for download from our website, but users are strongly encouraged to purchase the manual in order to learn proper administration and scoring.

Are there any support costs (one-time or yearly, etc.)?

The program is provided as-is. CanChild or McMaster does not guarantee any support, however users encountering issues are encouraged to fill out this form. Currently, there is no guaranteed support available for the GMAE-2 but we will try and respond or post responses on our FAQ page.

Are there any licensing issues I need to be aware of?

Your institute must register and agree to conform to the license and terms of use as listed on our shop page. The license does permit the use of multiple installations for 'Authorized Users' as long as your use is not listed in Prohibited Uses.


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Need help?

If you are having any technical issues with the GMAE-2, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.