Growing up with CP: Mental health & well-being

Presented by
Jessica Geboers | Journalist and CP-NET Community Advisor
Georgia Beauchemin | Student and CP-NET Community Advisor
Jan Willem Gorter | Director of CanChild and CP-NET Advisory Board Member

Moderated by:
Julia Hanes | Student and CanChild Research Assistant

While challenges with body movement is the key feature of Cerebral Palsy, it is important to recognize that the experience of living with CP goes well beyond these physical, visible, effects. Teens and young adults with CP and other disabilities are more likely than their peers without disabilities to develop mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

CP-NET is excited to present “Growing up with CP: Mental Health & Well-being,” a webinar initiated and led by young adults for young adults. Highlighting both lived experience and recent research from the CP-NET MyStory project, this webinar explores the intersection of mental health and CP, and discusses how we can better support young people in developing positive outcomes in mental health and well-being.

 In addition to young people with CP, this webinar is informative for parents and health professionals.