Determinants of Life Quality in Children with Cerebral Palsy

This two-year study will describe quality of life and level of participation of children with cerebral palsy (CP). There is little evidence on their life quality, but most assume it is compromised by functional limitations. Researchers will evaluate the relationship between intrinsic biomedical characteristics and extrinsic environmental attributes. A consecutive sample of school age children, who have been diagnosed and investigated medically, will be recruited for assessment. The study will be conducted at McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, Quebec. The child's motivation and family functioning will be the determinants of subjective well-being. These findings may assist health professionals in promoting supportive environments and providing interventions that promote health and well-being of children with CP and their families.

Research Team

  • A Majnemer
  • M Shevell


United Cerebral Palsy Research & Educational Foundation - $99,166 (U.S. funds) (2003-2005)