Family-centred service: Moving ideas into practice

This study is designed to develop and evaluate educational materials about family-centred service. These materials will contain information about family-centred service and how to implement it. They will be written for families, children and youth with special needs, service providers, and decision makers at the administrative and legislative levels. It is expected that the information provided will apply to a broad range of systems including (but not limited to) health care, education, recreation and social services.

Research Team


Use of these materials will potentially:

  • Increase knowledge about family-centred service;
  • Promote positive attitudes and beliefs about family-centred service;
  • Increase participation in family-centred service by providing parents, service providers, and others with concrete tips and strategies to assist in implementing family-centred services.
  • Improve outcomes for children with special needs and their families


Bloorview Children's Hospital Foundation - $38,561 (2001-2002)